The Somerton Man

In 1948 a corpse of unidentified man was found on Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia. The contents of the hidden pocket is puzzling the investigators to this day.

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The corpse - The Somerton Man

The corpse

On the early morning of 1 December 1948 on the Somerton beach in Adelaide corpse of unidentified man was found. He looked about 40, well dressed, in good physical condition, there were no signs of violence, he was laying on his back with head resting on seawall and legs pointing to the sea. There wa...

Brown suitcase - The Somerton Man

Brown suitcase

A brown suitcase found on 14 January 1949 in the Adelaide Railway Station brought a new twist into the case of Somerton Man, or rather brought even more questions than informations (if the suitcase if fact is linked to the Somerton Man). The suitcase dragged attention of Adelaide Railway Station ...

Secret pocket - The Somerton Man

Secret pocket

In June 1949 the pathologist re-examined the body and brought another puzzling fact into the light - the man’s shoes were remarkably clean and appeared to have been recently polished, which contradicted the theory that Somerton Man was wandering around the beach and surrounding streets. Police had...

The Somerton Man theories

The Somerton Man

Spy theory

Second theory about identity of Somerton Man, triggered by the letters written at the back of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, suggests that the dead man was in some way connected with spy network. Facts that are supporting the theory: - many of the items that he possessed were foreign made or...

The Somerton Man

Suicide theory

The basic theory behind the case is that the Somerton Man committed suicide and all the strange clues were products of his disturbed mind or just peculiar sense of humour. Facts that are supporting the theory: - there were no signs of violence, which may suggest that he took the poison ...

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