Roanoke colony

Colonists killed on the route

This theory assumes that colonists did planned to move from Roanoke to other location (most probably Croatoan Island), but were killed or died on the route.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • word "Croatoan" and dismantle of the houses would suggest that colonists did planned to relocate,
  • lack of any signs of struggle or violence in Roanoke, which doesn’t mean that there was no violence or struggle in other place,
  • no signs of any new location could suggest that they could have been killed by the Indians after leaving Roanoke and before establishing new colony,
  • colonists could have died on the route to new location without interference from Indians (f.e. their boats could have sank due to poor weather),
  • lack of any further messages apart from "Croatoan" would suggest that their death was rather sudden since they didn’t come back to Roanoke.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • if the relocation was planned why there are no signs of new location on Croatoan Island? dismantling current fort and leaving for the location that isn’t yet built seems doubtful.


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