Jack the Ripper

Series of 5 horrible murders of prostitutes in Whitechapel district of London in 1888. Whitechapel in 19th century was dark place full of immigrants, prostitution and poor people living in poor conditions. The murders in such neighbourhood wasn’t anything unusual and the killings by person who called himself Jack the Ripper wouldn’t caught any attention if he didn’t cause unheard of mutilations to the victims that were becoming more and more gruesome with each murder.

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Events connected with Jack the Ripper

Mary Ann Nichols - Jack the Ripper

Mary Ann Nichols

Mary Ann Nichols is the first known victim of Jack the Ripper. Her body was found about 3:40 AM on 31 August 1888 in Buck’s Row. The throat was severed by two cuts, and the lower part of the abdomen was partly ripped open by a deep, jagged wound. Several other incisions on the abdomen were caused ...

Annie Chapman - Jack the Ripper

Annie Chapman

Annie Chapman was second known victim of Jack the Ripper. Her body body was discovered about 6 AM on 8 September 1888 in the backyard of 29 Hanbury Street. Her throat was severed by two cuts and the abdomen was slashed entirely open. Later medical examiner discovered that her uterus had been removed...

Jack the Ripper

Elizabeth Stride

Elizabeth Stride died in the night of what Jack the Ripper called in one of his letters as "double event". Body of Stride was discovered about 1 AM, in Dutfield’s Yard. The cause of death was one clear-cut incision which severed the main artery on the left side of the neck. Although police was ...

Catherine Eddowes - Jack the Ripper

Catherine Eddowes

Catherine Eddowes was the other victim in what Jack the Ripper called in one of his letters as "double event" on 30 September 1888. Eddowes’ body was found in Mitre Squareabout 45 minutes after Stride’s. The throat was severed, and the abdomen was ripped open by a long, deep, jagged wound. The l...

Jack the Ripper

Mary Jane Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly was last victim of the canonical murders attributed to Jack the Ripper. Contrary to other victims her body was not found on the street, but in the room where she lived at 13 Miller’s Court at 10:45 AM on 9 November 1888. The throat had been severed down to the spine, and the abdome...

Jack the Ripper facts

Jack the Ripper letters - Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper letters

During the murder spree of 1888 Scotland Yard received hundreds of letters, most of which were useless for their investigation, but few of them were suggesting that the author of those letters is the killer himself (since they described the events linked with the murders. Four of them are believed t...

People connected with Jack the Ripper

Mary Pearcey - Jack the Ripper

Mary Pearcey

Another strange theory around Jack the Ripper case was that the killer might have been a woman... Sounds doubtful, but it does have some points to be considered. The woman that was pointed out as potential killer was Mary Pearcey, who was in 1890 convicted of murdering her lover’s wife. She invite...

Jack the Ripper

Walter Sickert

Walter Richard Sickert was a German-born painter of British and Danish ancestry, who was mentioned as a possible Jack the Ripper suspect by several authors. There are no proofs or any evidence that would point at Sickert, but some facts could lead to interesting conclusions. For example Sickert did ...

Carl Feigenbaum - Jack the Ripper

Carl Feigenbaum

Carl Feigenbaum was a merchant navy sailor at the time of Whitechapel murders. In 1894 he was arrested in New York City for cutting the throat of Juliana Hoffmann. After his execution, his lawyer, William Sanford Lawton, claimed that Feigenbaum had admitted to hating women and dreaming of killing an...

Francis Tumblety - Jack the Ripper

Francis Tumblety

Francis Tumblety, a con man pretending to be a doctor. He made money selling "Indian Herbs" in United States and Canada. He was considered to be a suspect in the investigation since he was a misogynist (misogyny - hatred of women), he especially despised prostitutes, and in past was connected to the...

Jack the Ripper

John Pizer

John Pizer was a Polish Jew who worked as a bootmaker in Whitechapel. After the murders of Mary Ann Nichols and Annie Chapman in late August and early September 1888 respectively, Police Sergeant William Thicke arrested Pizer on 10 September 1888. Pizer was known as "Leather Apron", and Thicke appar...

Jack the Ripper

Michael Ostrog

Michael Ostrog was a professional con man. Russian born immigrant used his skills and many disguises to deceive people, but there are no facts that would point at him as a serious suspect. There are no evidence that he ever had anything to do with anything else than the fraud activities (unless his ...

Jack the Ripper

Aaron Kosminski

Aaron Kosminski was a Polish Jew, who emigrated to United Kingdom. He was considered to be a suspect in the Jack the Ripper investigation. Assistant Commissioner Sir Robert Anderson wrote in his memoirs that a Polish Jew had been identified as the Ripper but that no prosecution was possible, because...

Jack the Ripper

Seweryn Klosowski

Seweryn Klosowski (also known as George Chapman) was a Polish born immigrant that moved to London in 1887 or 1888. He was a convicted murderer, who killed three of his wives, all by poisoning. He was considered a suspect in the Jack the Ripper investigation (it was suggested that Inspector Frederick...

Jack the Ripper

Montague John Druitt

Montague John Druitt was considered to be a suspect in the investigation, but only two facts of his life would suggest his involvement in the murders: his mother and grandmother both had mental problems and Druitt himself committed suicide soon after the last canonical murder. On the other hand h...

Films, games and books about Jack the Ripper

From Hell  2001

From Hell

2001, United States

Loosely based on the real investigation in Jack the Ripper case.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

1988, United Kingdom

Based on real events of investigation in famous case of serial killer Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper

Murder by Decree

1979, United Kingdom

Sherlock Holmes gets involved in the Jack the Ripper investigation.

Whitechapel  2009


2009, United Kingdom

120 years after the killings of Jack the Ripper someone is copying his murders.

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@Logic I don't know where did you get the idea that in Polish word "żyd" is pronounces anything like "juwet", it isn't - the first letter (ż) is pronounced like the last syllable of the word "prestige"
Polish Guy (15-08-2018 21:53:22)

Has anyone ever considered that he was a calculating man and changed his MO because the victims in his later killings could have been traced back to him more easily, which is how he was caught, and that he slashed the Whitechapel victims because he could get away with it. His personality and past behaviors toward his wife (and other women) would suggest that he was very capable of committing the crimes done by Jack the Ripper. It is also to my understanding that he had monetary motives with the later victims, so he had to make the deaths look natural for those purposes in addition to making sure the murders couldn't be traced back to him if the looked like natural illnesses. Also, let's say for arguments sake that the Goulston street graffiti was actually written by the Ripper. The message itself is largely indecipherable to anyone other than the killer. But, the most credible reports indicated that Jews was spelled "Juwes". This is interesting because if you listen to how the word Jews is pronounced by a person saying the word for Jews in Polish, you will see that it could be that the writing on the wall was just a poor English transliteration from the Polish word for Jews. In Polish the word for Jew is "zyd", but it's pronounced similar to "juwet" with the W having the V sound. They probably had the guy, just a classic case of not enough evidence.
Logic (15-08-2018 07:09:16)

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