Monster of Florence

The Pacciani gang

Pietro Pacciani, Mario Vanni, Giovanni Faggi and Giancarlo Lotti were the killers as a part of some ritual satanic cult.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • Pacciani killed in the past, although it was murder of passion and he assaulted male victim, while Monster of Florence was concentrating on female victims and did not mutilated any of male victims,
  • Pacciani was keen hunter and taxidermist, which would mean that he was skilled with guns and sharp instruments,
  • Pacciani’s death was suspicious - he was found half-naked with blue and disfigured face expression, as it was proved he was poisoned, which looks like he was killed to stop him from revealing something to the police,
  • allegedly Lotti have confessed that he and Pacciani had perpetrated the killings, although looking at the other people arrested in that case it might have been forced confession.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • when the first murders took place they were 40-something, when the last killings took place they were almost 70 and rather stoutish, it is very unlikely that they would be physically able to kill Kraveichvili, who even injured was 50 years younger and would not have problems with running away,
  • nothing on the crime scenes suggest that there was more than one person attacking (f.e. Rontini was dragged away from the car, not carried away),
  • Pacciani was poorly educated farmer, who would find it rather hard to prepare the attacks using the very sharp instrument and surgical gloves (if the police theory is right),
  • the murders of Lo Bianco and Locci were rather obviously inspired by domestic matters and Salvatore Vinci seems like more likely killer than Pacciani, who rather did not know Locci,
  • Pacciani was convicted for murder, domestic violence and molesting his children, which suggest a violent man with bad temper - quite opposite to the Monster of Florence, who planned his attacks,
  • allegedly Lotti have confessed that he and Pacciani had perpetrated the killings, which still leaves Vanni and Faggi unconnected with the case,
  • if the killers would operate as a group it would be more likely they would leave some evidence on the crime scenes (4 times more likely) and as group they would be able to overcome the female victims, so there would not be need to shoot them from surprise as the Monster of Florence always did,
  • even if those four men were the local peeping toms and wandered around the lovers lanes it is big difference between voyeurism and sadistic killings,
  • three of the female victims told their friends before death that some unpleasant man was bothering them, but none of them mentioned the age difference - Pacciani and his friends were about 20 years older than the girls, so they would probably mention something like that.

There seems to be very little evidence that the group actually was a group and that any of them was involved with satanic cult, not to mention that there are no evidence the killings were inspired by occult motivation. The death of Pacciani is the only mysterious element, although it might have been accident (we don’t know all the facts).


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