Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

Media speculations

For many years media suggested (and probably the police was following the same hypothesis) that JonBenet was killed by her mother. Patsy Ramsey was suppose to injure her child in a fit of rage after the girl had wet her bed on the same night, and then proceeded to kill her either in rage or rather to cover up the original injury. In 1997 several handwriting experts determined that Patsy Ramsey more than likely wrote the ransom note. According to a Colorado Bureau of Investigation report - "there are indications that the author of the ransom note is Patricia Ramsey", but they could not definitively prove this theory.

The Ramseys have consistently stating their believe that the crime was committed by an intruder. They hired John E. Douglas, former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, to examine the case. Douglas concluded that the crime was most probably a kidnapping gone wrong, and that Ramseys were not involved in the murder pointing out that there was no physical evidence linking the Ramseys to the homicide and physical evidence found near JonBenet’s body suggested the presence of an unidentified person in the Ramsey home. Also he suggested that the behaviour of John and Patsy Ramsey after the crime was consistent with the parents of other murdered children, and was inconsistent with known cases of parents who killed their children. The final conclusion of Douglas report was that it was unlikely that anyone would resolve the case.

The most likely scenario, according to Douglas, based on the evidence was that JonBenet was killed by a young, inexperienced criminal (f.e. the possible digital penetration of the girl’s vagina was consistent with other young sex offenders motivated by a naive curiosity about female anatomy) who was sexually obsessed with the child and/or who wanted to extort money from her wealthy family. He also dismissed the suggestion that Patsy wrote the ransom note, further arguing that the ransom note was written before the crime. In Douglas’ experience, it would be practically impossible for anyone to remain unnoticed long enough to write such a detailed letter after committing the murder. Additionally he noted that some of the phrases used in the letter were borrowed from movies like Ransom ("she dies") and Speed ("Don’t try to grow a brain"), both of which were about money extortion.

Lou Smit, one of the detectives helping Boulder authorities with the case, discovered in autopsy photos marks on JonBenet’s body that appear to be, previously overlooked, evidence of a stun gun been used to subdue the girl, which supports the intruder theory. Stephen Singular, investigative journalist, speculated that there are connections between the murder and the child pornography industry. He refers to consultations with cyber-crime specialists, who believe that JonBen’t, due to her beauty pageant experience, was the perfect kind of child who could be dragged into the world of child pornography and was a natural candidate to attract attention of paedophiles.

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