Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

Unusual crime scene details

Other part of the broken handle of paintbrush was found among the Patsy Ramsey’s art supplies, but there is a part of that handle that was never found in or around the house. According to experts the construction of the garrotte required a certain knowledge of knots. Autopsy also revealed that JonBenet had eaten pineapple only few hours before her death, but her parents did not recall feeding her with pineapple. The bowl of pineapple was found on the kitchen table with a spoon in it, but again the parents did not recall putting it on the table. The forensic report noted that fingerprints of Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s 9-years-old brother, were found on the spoon, but according to the Ramseys he was asleep through the events that took place before arrival of the police.

From the death of JonBenet puzzled the police, especially since she was killed in her home after the ransom note was left. From the beginning the parents became the prime suspects, especially since part of a paintbrush belonging to Patsy Ramsey was used a murder weapon. Police also noted that during few months before the murder there were more than 100 burglaries in the area and that 38 registered sex offenders were living within 2 miles range from the Ramseys’ home. In 2003, seven years after murder, forensic investigators were able to extract enough material from a mixed blood sample found on JonBenet’s underwear to establish a DNA profile. The sample belonged to, so far, unknown male. Further DNA analysis excluded both parents from the list of suspects.

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