Beast of Gevaudan

The beast is killed

The person, who finally killed the beast was a local hunter named Jean Chastel. He is said to have slain the beast at the Sogne d’Auvers on 19 June 1770. But there are doubts surrounding his account of events. He claimed that, while being part of a large hunting party, he sat down to read the Bible and pray. During one of the prayers the creature came into sight, staring at Chastel, who finished his prayer before shooting the beast in the head.

This would have been unusual behaviour for the beast, since so far it tended to attack on sight. Also the weapon the Chastel used was efficient only on short distance.

Those points of the story (which might have been changed while it was passed from generation to generation) might suggest that beast was familiar with Chastel. Some even suggest that the beast might have been trained by Chastel, but there are no proofs to support such theory.

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