Monster of Florence

The wealthy patrons

The latest lead in the case was that large group of wealthy patrons was behind the murders. Very unlikely as it seems we have to consider that option.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • death of Pacciani was suspicious and thus it might suggest there was someone behind him, who did not want the world to hear about him or them,
  • the existence of the group would explain why the mutilations on the bodies of female victims were inconsistent and why 20 years from the first killing the murderer of 25-year-old Kraveichvili was able to chase him and attack him - it might have been a different killer.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • the killings suggest strong sexual motives, which would unlikely fit the profile of group of wealthy men sponsoring them,
  • same gun was used in all killings, while such group of wealthy men would be able to acquire more than one gun and thus it would be very hard for the police to link the murders and made it easier for the group to keep on killing,
  • if the killings would be the aim of the group (although any logic fails to provide good explanation for that) wouldn’t the group could provide more than attacker to make sure the killing will take place?
  • the killings seems to be sexually motivated and rather personal, so the only person that would gain some sort of personal satisfaction out of them is the killer - what would be the part of the patrons? what would they get out of it?
  • the group of wealthy people would rather find something more exciting than sending a single man to remote place so he could shot people - why they didn’t ever tried to kidnap the victims?

With all the evidence in the case suggesting that it was done by a single attacker it is rather stupid to assume that the was some sort of secret group behind it. It would make any sense only if the police would be able to explain the point of existence of such group and what part would they play in the murders.


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