Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

Close person theory

This theory is in fact mixture of the other theories, but it would explain some of the elements that do not fit the evidence in other theories. In other version the parents or the complete stranger, most probably young man, were behind the murder, but some of the evidence may suggest that the kidnapper / killer or the mastermind behind the crime was someone close to the family.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • the the amount of money mentioned in the note ($118,000) was suspiciously exact and suspiciously close to what John Ramsey got as a bonus that year - not many people would know the exact value of the bonus - friends or someone who worked in John’s company,
  • there was no forced entry so intruder either had he resources to get inside without breaking in or ar least had been in the house before to prepare the plan of kidnapping; after all he had to get inside and leave unseen with a girl in his hands, which in completely unknown house, and with family being inside, would be quite a challenge,
  • the house wasn’t treated as crime scene from the beginning, in fact John Ramsey and his two friends found the body, which means that someone close to family or police might have removed or destroy evidence inside the house,
  • if JonBenet was killed when the kidnapping went wrong it would point to someone she knew - kidnapper who would be complete stranger to her would not find it necessary to kill her even if she saw his face,
  • it is possible that there was more than one person involved in the case - the kidnapper could have been just stranger hired by someone who knew the Ramseys well and gave him all the details (including the ransom note).

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • it is possible that man / people involved in the kidnapping did not know the Ramseys themselves, but were keeping the family under observation while preparing the operation, although it would be very hard to establish the amount of money John Ramsey did get as a bonus,
  • JonBenet often took part in beauty pageants, which could have drawn the attention of criminals to the family,
  • the number of burglaries in the area were quite high, so the Ramseys could have been under observation as one of many targets,
  • JonBenet might have been killed by the kidnapper because she saw his face, although it doesnet mean that she knew him, he could just live in the area and was affraid to be recognized.

This theory is impossible to prove since we do not even know the identity of the killer, not to mention who was behind it.


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