Mystery movies about political mystery

Politics always had dark side - there is saying that people should not see two thing: how sausage is made and how politics are made. The power, the corruption and the influence on other people always made the political mysteries so interesting.

JFK 1991 mystery movie

JFK 1991

Based on a true story of investigation in the case of John F. Kennedy assassination. -jfk-

I as in Icarus 1979 mystery movie

I as in Icarus 1979

Fictitious story strangely resembling the investigation in JFK assassination. And for a reason. -i-comme-icare-

State of Play 2009 mystery movie

State of Play 2009

Veteran investigative journalist, while following the story of shot pizza delivery boy, stumbles upon a bigger story, which involves congressman Collins, who is a friend of his. -state-of-play-

The Ghost Writer 2010 mystery movie

The Ghost Writer 2010

New ghostwriter hired to write former Prime Minister memoirs discovers not everything is what it seems. -the-ghost-writer-

Executive Action 1973 mystery movie

Executive Action 1973

The John F. Kennedy assassination from the culprits point of view. -executive-action-

Archangel  2005 mystery movie

Archangel 2005

English historian during a conference in Moscow stumbles upon a mystery from the past, a mystery so important for today Russia that someone is ready to kill so it would remain a secret. -archangel-richard-harris-

Turks & Caicos 2014 mystery movie

Turks & Caicos 2014

Former MI5 agent left the country to get away from the world of deception and settled on Turks & Caicos, but soon the demons of the past catch up with him. -turks-and-caicos-

Capricorn One 1978 mystery movie

Capricorn One 1978

United Stated are about to launch astronauts to reach Mars, when suddenly the crew is called off. But not the launch. -capricorn-one-

Page Eight 2011 mystery movie

Page Eight 2011

High MI5 Johnny Worricker officer gains access to the report that could put British Prime Minister in hot water. When Worricker’s superior dies of the heart attack it seems that the Prime Minister is gonna get away with it. -page-eight-thriller-

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